Airtran “Brainstorm”





Tim Godsall, who I worked with on the

Tiger Woods commercial, directed this spot.

Credit him with the “You Betcha” line.


Ever wonder how you get Sesame Blend Spicy Thai Trail Mix

in the vending machine at work?  Let me show you.

Japanese Golf Star meets American Golf Dork.

See why I’m huge in Japan.

Xylish Gum, Japan

The “Lost in Translation” phase of my commercial career.  There were two people on set who spoke English, and one of them was me.  The director would explain something at length to the translator for about 45 seconds, after which he would turn to me and say,

“Uh, be nicer”.

This was the third commercial where I play a golfer, and I can barely swing a club

without hitting myself.

Read what one blogger has to say about this spot - controversy!

A Million Dollars For What?

Hyundai “Million”

Remember “Indecent Proposal”?  The movie where Robert Redford offers Woody Harrelson a million dollars to spend one night with his wife, Demi Moore?

OK, this is exactly like that.  Except instead of Woody it’s me, instead of Redford, it’s

Nicholas Guest, and instead of Demi Moore it’s a Hyundai Sonata.

I dreamed of having a set up like this for my hamster

when I was a kid.  Reach for the sky!

Intel “Hamster”

Traditional showbiz lore says never work with kids or animals.  How about 23 hamsters?

I also got to work with power tools,

which in my opinion should be added

to the list of things an actor should avoid.  

Fun shoot, with an incredibly artistic and imaginative director, Jay P. Morgan.

Big Chin
Big Grin