General Hospital

You’re not supposed to ask a woman

how much she weighs, right?

How about two women?  

Who happen to be soap stars?

Thankfully, Captain Dave isn’t afraid

to ask the tough questions.

Captain Dave gets sassy with Carolyn Hennesy and

Nancy Lee Grahn on “General Hospital”


Try saying “Detective Bonasera” five times fast.  

Or even one times, at normal speed.  

That was my job in “Like Water For Murder”,

a midseason cliffhanger that introduced

the taxi cab killer.

The Mascots

Written by Dan Ewald and Rajeev Sigamoney

( this web series for Comcast is about a not too distant future where mascots are a species living peacefully amongst humans.  That is, until some nefarious hijinks send ten episodes in to action.  Funny stuff.

Big Chin
Big Grin